Anastasiya Sokolyk


Anastasiya Sokolyk is a Toronto based artist. She primarily is a painter, but also works with many other mediums, like drawing, textiles, and printmaking. Anastasiya is a graduate of OCAD University Drawing and Painting 2014 program.
In 2013 Anastasiya Sokolyk participated in collaborative art show “Damsel in Distress” collaborating with fellow artist Irina Cordis. In 2014 Anastasiya Sokolyk’s works were displayed in OCAD Figurative show, RAW arts Awakening show, Emerging Artist Exhibition at UrbanArts Gallery, GradEX at OCAD U and Hazelton Lanes Art Festival, Kensington Market Art Fair, Mercedes Benz Experiencing Perspectives. Her current series address subject of intimate spaces and objects that may be considered as extension to our physical existence.